NICA First Aid, May 2, Sewanee, TN

What is it? The NICA First Aid 8 hour course covers the assessment of and treatment given to an ill or injured person in any environment where definitive care is less than one hour away.  This course will help you qualify to be an L3 coach. When NICA activities, practices or races, are held more than one hour from definitive care, then Wilderness First Aid training for L3 coaches is required.  

This course covers the types of injuries and illnesses encountered by student athletes, coaches, and volunteers and will emphasize the assessment, treatment, and prevention of medical emergencies.  We will cover the immediate actions taken to assess a scene, determine MOI, stabilize a trauma patient, stabilization of bone and joint injuries, wound care, and issues such as dehydration, respiratory distress, and traumatic brain injuries. 

You will receive a NICA First Aid and CPR certificate good for 2 years.

This course will be modified to ensure safety during the Coronavirus outbreak, while still meeting training standards.

Location: University of the South, Sewanee, TN, South Lake Cheston Pavillion

Time: 7:30am to 5pm

Cost: $50

Class Size Limit: 30

NICA First Aid, TN League50.00 USD
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Course Instructions:

Be Prepared: This course is primarily taught outside, rain or shine.  Please be prepared for the weather and to take notes outdoors.  We will be in a classroom for a portion of the class.

Clothing:  Wear clothing you can get dirty and would be ok to get “blood” or grease paint splattered on.  The scenarios are taught using theatrical makeup to enhance realism.

Gear: Students should bring a daypack with food, water, rain gear, and other items you feel are needed to be out in the woods for several hours at a time.  All first aid equipment needed for the scenarios is provided.

Scenarios: Please treat the scenarios seriously and act like you would during a real emergency.  The scenarios are designed to be a bit stressful and feature extensive use of wound makeup.  Scenarios work much better with volunteer “victims.” The best victims are kids between 11-17 who don’t mind playing along, getting blood all over them, and generally acting like drama queens.  If you can bring along a victim or two for the day it is greatly appreciated.

Food: Please bring lunch with you as well as snacks and water. There will not be time to leave the course to go get lunch. If you bring a victim with you, they may want to eat as well.